WHO: why fruit intake resist diseases

WHO: why fruit intake resist diseases


IN commemoration of this year’s annual Chivita World Juice Day celebration, Chivita has reiterated its commitment to  everyday wellness. In the events that have filled this year, health experts and nutritionist are focused on how everyone ought to pay close attention to their health and their nutrition and get the right vitamins and minerals to ensure an effective immune system.

Health-focused brands such as Chivita have been front and centre in these times with its pure fruit juice offerings that are rich in Vitamins and Minerals.

A  published World Health Organisation (WHO) report emphasizes that “Adequate fruit and vegetable intake are required to help reduce nutritional deficiencies and increase resistance to infectious disease”. Research has shown that consumers who take a glass of Fruit juice a day enjoy essential benefits such as an effective immune system, improved skin care, lower blood pressure, improved eye function, as fruit juices contain antioxidants which supply the body with much-needed vitamins.

According to the Compass 2019 report, Nigeria is one of the countries with the lowest per capital fruit juice consumption in the world, consuming two litres per year as compared to eight litres average for Africa and 20 litres average globally. This is a cause for concern because fruit juice consumption is one of the affordable ways of accessing the right doses of nutrients and minerals necessary for building stronger immunity.



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