UK MPs writes to Commonwealth on insecurity in Nigeria

UK MPs writes to Commonwealth on insecurity in Nigeria

Some members of the United Kingdom’s House of Lords, the British upper legislative chamber, have petitioned the Commonwealth over the persistence of insurgency and farmer/herder crisis in Nigeria.

The lawmakers in a letter dated September 14, addressed to Patricia Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, said failure of the Federal Government to protect Nigerians was a breach of its obligations under the Commonwealth Charter.

This was, however, challenged by the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, which asked the UK lawmakers, led by Baroness Cox of the House of Lords to focus on the problems facing their country and allow Nigeria solve her problems her own way.

But the opposition, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, disagreed with the ruling party, saying the security alert in the country raised by members of the British parliament is an indication of a vote of no confidence on President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.


Those who signed the  letter to the Commonwealth scribe include Baroness Cox, Lord Alton of Liverpool, Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws QC, Jim Shannon, MP, Lord Williams of Oystermouth ( a former Archbishop of Canterbury) and Lord Carey of Clifton, also a former Archbishop of Canterbury.

Others are Dr Christopher Cocksworth, Lord Bishop of Coventry; Philip Mounstephen, Lord Bishop of Truro; Lord Stoddart of Swindon; Lord Anderson of Swansea; Lord Cormack; Sir Geoffrey Nice, QC; Ayo Adedoyin of International Organization for Peace and Social Justice and Ewelina Ochab of Coalition for Genocide Response.





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