Sell Your votes and lose your rights- Buhari

Sell Your votes and lose your rights- Buhari

Aside from fuel, President Buhari also spoke on his readiness to pursue credible elections in Nigeria, warning that Nigerians who sell their votes should be prepared to be denied their rights.

He said that it was the desperation of the political class that leads to compromising the judiciary to upturn legitimate decisions of the people.

President Buhari also said that no government in the past did what his administration was doing with scarce resources, adding  that his government has managed to keep things going, in spite of the disproportionate spending on security.

The Nigerian leader also spoke on the efforts of his administration to strengthen the electoral process in the country, saying that some constituencies that choose to bargain off their power, should be prepared for denial of their rights.

President Buhari said it would pay Nigerians better to collectively resolve to continue as one country beyond 60 years than being smaller units of nationalities, irrespective of the challenges.



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