Its now time for stomach infrastructure – Gov Wike to supporters

The governor said it is time to compensate those who have been patient with his government.

He spoke in Port Harcourt on Tuesday at the commissioning of the Oro-Abali flyover constructed by his administration.

According to him, he has been criticized for not “sharing money” from when he was elected but added that having worked for the people of the state it is now time to feed the stomach.

He said “this is the time we have to play politics of stomach infrastructure.

“People think when you are in government from that first day you should be sharing money, I said I will not do that. I have to work for the people of the state.

“Now that we have worked the remaining period is now to feed your stomach. I said be patient, there is time for everything. Now the time has come for your faces to be changed because I can see your faces are already dry”.

The Governor, however, explained that the “stomach infrastructure” will be in the form of empowerment that would reach those even at the local government level.

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