Ifu Ennada shares thoughts on broke people being in relationships

When it comes to relationships, everyone has their preferences on the type of partners they would love to be with, and Ifu Ennada is making hers known.

She recently left many people talking after she took to social media to bash financially poor people, saying they have no business being in relationships.

The 2018 BBNaija star advised men who may want to send her a DM, against craving for every ‘food’ they see.

She went on to reveal that when she was broke, she wasn’t looking for a meal ticket or a rich man to date. Instead she was focused on changing her situation.

She wrote: “Men should learn to understand their size/type in women. Before you open your DM to type “ello babi” to me, abeg look me well and give yourself sense. No be every food suppose hungry every man to chop.

Deadbeat broke men/women have no business being in a relationship or getting married. When I was terribly broke, I was focused on changing my situation, not looking for a meal ticket or a rich man to date.”


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