Fruit juice strengthens immune system, aid digestion – Dietician

A principal dietician with the National Orthopedic Hospital Igbobi, Mrs. Adejoke Adeniji, has listed the benefits of fruit juice consumption to include strengthening of the immune system, aiding of digestion, weight loss, as well as the prevention of allergies and ailments from entering the body system.

Adeniji, at the 2nd Annual Chivita World Juice Day event organised by CHI Limited in Lagos, said the consumption of fruit juice boosts the body’s immune system and promotes everyday wellness. The event was themed, ‘Fruit Juice: The Smart Secret of Boosting Immunity.’


Consumption of fruit juice is a valuable source of nutrients that are bioactive and can support the immune system by fighting free radicals and also reducing fatigue.

“While not postulating that fruit juice can prevent or protect against COVID-19, available facts show that drinking a glass of fruit juice daily can boost vitamin-c and folate intake and, by so doing, support the optimal functioning of the body’s immune system,” Adeniji said.



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