Ebonyi massacre: Victims of Persecution condemn mass killings

Victims of Persecution, an advocacy group, has condemned the mass killings of defenseless women, children and people in four communities in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State by rampaging herdsmen who invaded the communities.

The areas attacked were Nkalaha, Obegu, Amazu Nkalagu and Umuhuali autonomous communities.

State Governor David Umahi has ordered the 13 Local Government Council Chairmen in the state to immediately from vigilante groups and ensure placement of cross bars at strategic locations across communities in the state.

The security measures, according to the governor, is meant to forestall a further breakdown of law and order in the affected communities and the state at large.

In a statement signed by the Rapporteur, Victims of Persecution and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Chukwuma-Machukwu Ume, the group expressed their ‘dismay, shock and casternation of the slaughtering of scores of defenseless women, children and people from Nkalaha, Obegu, Amazu Nkalagu, Umuhuali Autonomous Communities in Ishielu LGA, Ebonyi State by AK-47 bearing foreign marauders/mercenaries and herdsmen.

‘It is shocking that Nigerian citizens including mainly the rural dwellers in their natural interior villages would always be subjected to these murderous escapades on daily basis and nothing happens to the murderers.

‘The constitutional duties of the military is to ward off armed invasion of any part and territory of Nigeria while the police and the para-militaries are to ensure that public law and order are ensured in the country. How come these foreign mercenaries are having unfettered field days in our country?

‘We of the Victims of Persecution are asking: in the face of these armed invasions and insurrections by these foreign killers/herdsmen and occupiers, why is the government appearing helpless, inactive or unperturbed.

‘The constant murdering of villagers and occupation of their father-land without decisive repulsion by the Government is beginning to paint a dirty colour of condonation of the activities of these foreign marauders.

‘Indigenes are now becoming the internally displaced persons in their own ancestral lands in Nigeria.

‘On a good day no government can condone insecurity of its citizens and its territories. The ongoing ugly developments in Nigeria are therefore baffling, puzzling and appear to contain more than what the eye is seeing.

‘Are they forerunners to a wider scheme? In this age, is violence and colony occupation still a way of life?

‘Are these foreign marauders aiming at converting Nigeria territories to another country or are they disguised instruments to internal gradual hegemonic expansionism.

‘As Jimmy Cliff puts it: “Time will tell”. Whatever is the underlying devilish ambitions behind the ongoing unleashing of these nightmares on defenseless citizens, we demand that Nigeria Government need to listen to the words of His Excellency, Darius Ishaku the Executive Governor of Taraba State who when receiving the condolence visit of the 15 LGC Chairmen on 2nd Feb 2021, said: “We cannot wait for death to come.”

‘In retrospection, we of the Victims of Persecution heartly thank the Government of the former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, for opening temporary schools in all places including farmlands, etc.

‘Brain development is the viable resources available to our generation. Violence and forceable occupation of people’s ancestral land has lost every value the time colonization lost its grip in the world order.

‘Brutal enslavement is no longer fashionable. Our hearts bleed at the plaintive cries of the Governor of Ebonyi State:

‘”We feel sad that this kind of thing should happen in Ebonyi State, we feel so worried for our country Nigeria and we are short of words.”

‘We demand that the necessary authorities to do the needful when “…the identities are escalated to…” them as promised by the Governor.

‘Meanwhile, we of the Victims of Persecution extend our condolences to His Excellency Engr David Nweze Umahi, the Government and People of Ebonyi State over the awkward night murdering of their defenseless beloved ones by the foreign murderers and Herdsmen. May their souls rest in the Lord.’

  • The Sun

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