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Burkina Faso election takes place amid jihadist threat

Burkina Faso is holding an election in which some 400,000 would-be voters were unable to register because of a jihadist insurgency.

Brutal attacks have forced more than than one million civilians from their homes in the past two years alone.

Campaigning was halted for 48 hours last week following a deadly ambush on soldiers in the north of the country.

The threat of violence has meant hundreds of polling stations in the worst-affected areas have not opened.

Up to a fifth of the country is out of state control, estimates suggest, with rival jihadist groups battling for dominance and also attacks by other armed militias

Peace, security and reconciliation are top priorities for many in this year’s elections, BBC Afrique’s Lalla Sy reports.

Who is taking part?

President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, who has governed Burkina Faso since 2015, is seeking a second term in office



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