Anambra Youths tag Azuka Okwuosa “Mr. Lets Fix Anambra”

Anambra state gubernatorial aspirant Hon Azuka Okwuosa is fast becoming a social media sensation. He has a voice crying out for the transformation of his beloved Anambra state and by churning out tweets using the hashtag #LetsFixAnambra, he has quickly caused a rave amongst social media users, especially on Twitter where he trended all through yesterday.

He has even gone ahead to earn himself the nickname “Mr. Let’s Fix Anambra.”

Okwuosa is an advocate for the systematic and strategic overhauling of Anambra state to benefit all indigenes. He has constantly called out to Anambrarians to unite and collectively work toward the betterment of the state. He recently began to make this call through his social media, and his call didn’t go unanswered. Anambrarians took to Twitter to lend their voice to the trend that is soon becoming a movement.

The motion Okwuosa is propelling is that “a state does not belong to one man; therefore, it cannot be fixed by a single man”. He enforces that every indigene of Anambra has a role to play in the overall progress of the state, reminding that if Anambrarians leave the job to a governor or a committee, the work will remain undone, and complaints will continue to surface.

For obvious reasons, his audience feels the same way. From the tweets that ensued, Anambrarians resonated with his opinion. While some hailed Hon Okwuosa for his views, others recalled the unfortunate happenings within the state amidst the seemingly poor performance of the incumbent government. From the popular opinion, Anambrarians are looking forward to the upcoming gubernatorial elections, and Hon Okwuosa is gradually shaping the electorate’s minds to play a more active role in ensuring the right man is on the seat.

Here are some tweets as seen on twitter:
“Have you listened to this @AzukaOkwuosa’s agenda? Man sounds like he knows what he’s doing abeg. Wake me up in November. #LetsFixAnambra”. – @IfeanyiTheGreat

“Okwuosa’s business experience plus his political experience makes him one of the best candidates. #LetsFixAnambra” – @Sh_Damilola

“the chokehold on Anambra will soon be broken. The party riding on the goodwill of the founding fathers will soon have their covers blown. In the meantime, #LetsFixAnambra”. – @la_kunma

“Let’s fix Anambra. I like the tone of that and the angle the thought is coming from. Indeed we all need to fix our land. #LetsFixAnambra” – @Yusuf_Olalekan

“They have used their chicken logo to brainwash us too much but enough is enough. Any worthy candidate & we’ll vote for him. #LetsFixAnambra” – @DrTamida

We are tired of stories abeg. It’s heart breaking to see what is going on in the state. I support. #LetsFixAnambra – @Sire_Gift

Many other tweets we saw indicated that Anambrarians were indeed fed up with the ruling party’s inadequacies and shortfalls. From Hon Okwuosa’s social media renditions and the following replies, it is almost safe to assume that more Anambrarians are beginning to warm up to him. This will definitely impact his campaign positively. We’ll keep an eye on things to watch how it all unfolds.

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